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Terms & Conditions

Forpets want you to enjoy your time at our field. For the benefit of all customers, all bookings are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Please make sure your dogs vaccinations and wormers are up to date prior to using the field.

Please bear in mind how long you session is booked for. We allow 15 minute gaps between bookings so no customers will cross paths. Field users must not arrive before the allocated time and must leave promptly. If users arrive early they must stay in their cars away from the field as dogs in the field maybe reactive and seeing / hearing other dogs could distress them.

On arrival please check the field is not being used before entering with your dog(s).

If someone is already in the field and the gate is closed when you arrive at your booked time slot, please remain in your car and contact Forpets for assistance.

Please do not let your dog(s) out of the car until the field is confirmed to be empty and secure and you have unlocked the gate to enter. Please keep your dog on a lead until safely inside the field with the gate closed behind you. When leaving please put your dog on lead before opening the gate and putting them in your car.

Do not leave dogs unattended in the field. Please keep a careful eye on your dogs for potential harm to the field such as digging or chewing. Please make sure all the equipment in the field is not damaged.

Please note that the car park is shared with the adjacent farm shop and restaurant. The Spuds & Berries farm shop and restaurant has no affiliation with Forpets. As such, we cannot guarantee what services they will offer and their services may be subject to change without notice at any time.

As our car park is a shared car park, there is the chance that customers of the adjacent businesses may bring their pets with them. Please bear this in mind should you have a reactive dog as Forpets have no way of controlling this. 

While in the field, users must pick up after their dogs with the poop bags provided and dispose of the waste in the bins on site in the field. This is strictly enforced and users found not to be picking up their dog's mess will be banned from the field in future.

There is a picnic table in the field. This is for field users to use. Please feel free to bring food and drinks to consume in the field. There is also a farm shop and restaurant on site. The purchasing of food and drink from them (spuds and berries) to have in the field is absolutely fine. In any of these situations we ask that you clean up after yourselves in the bins provided or take your waste home.

If your dog is showing signs of illness, diarrhoea, vomiting, coughing or any general poor health we would request that you cancel your booking. The field is used by other dogs which could be affected.

We do not allow aversive training equipment to be used in the field such as prong collars, electric collars, spray collars or corrector spray.

Please be courteous of other users of our shared car park area and do not block in any other car at any time.

Please note that the ground in the field  may be uneven. Please take care when walking across the field.

All users hire the field at their own risk.

For details of how we collect and use your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.


As the field is unmanned, we request that customers use the sanitisers and disinfectants provided to keep yourselves and others safe.

Please ensure you use the provided hand sanitiser prior to touching the field gate.

Disinfectant is available in the shed please feel free to clean down tables and surfaces before use.

We have water and bowls in the field for the dogs. Please use the shower head to clean the bowls before and after use to keep your dogs and others safe. The shower can also be used to clean any dogs who may have become dirty during their visit. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE TAP IS TURNED OFF BEFORE YOU LEAVE.

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